MOVCam Wireless FIZ Unit
Movcam's dedication to smooth functionality and intuitive design has created a no-compromise system with superior performance when compared to other systems currently on the market; and at an affordable price. The entire collection of modular Single, Dual or 3 Axis Wireless Systems from Movcam feature:
Automatic / Manual calibration via the SCU-1 or MCS-1 or at the motor
Simple lens stop programming
Motor torque adjustment offer in 4 settings
Motor direction can be changed - Available touch screen control on the MCS-1 only
Compatible with Heden H26VE and M2VE-L motors
SCU-1 and MCS-1 are both compatible with all Movcam UM motors, control cables and other accessories.
Decimator DMON - 12S
Customizable 1 to 12 Channel MultiViewer
with SDI and HDMI outputs for 3G/HD/SD
and Custom Layouts
Cineped 42" Roto Slider
Revolutionary 3.5 foot slider that also effortlessly rotates for multiple camera movement options...

Camera Movements: Forward-Backward - Figure 8 - Left to Right - Swirling - Semi Circle - Circular - Curve - Compound

Compatible with ALL cameras.
(Heads available on request: Mitchell, 150mm, 100mm)

Compatible with ALL Mitchell plate dollies / tripods / bases.

Available with Mitchell Tripod legs or Specially designed "QUATTRO" base. designed to eliminate any dipping from the weight of heavy cameras.
Cartoni C20 Dutch Head
55lbs Capacity
Designed to make exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects. AKA: "Dutch Angles" ...simple and straightforward to execute.
Easy Rig Cinema 3 - 600n
A must have for handheld shooting...
Shoot all day and protect your shoulder from wear and tear.
Designed for Cameras weighing 26-36 lbs.
Anton Bauer VCLX & VCLX/2 Block batteries
The Anton Bauer CINE VCLX & VCLX/2 are advanced batteries for film and video applications. This battery offers 28 VDC cine and 14.4 VDC video capabilities. It features Anton Bauer diagnostics, protection and a rugged case design.
Affordable, fast, and EASY to assemble...

This jib is perfect for getting small to medium scale jib shots without breaking the budget!

Camera Capacity: 38 lbs
Max Camera Height: 7 feet

Includes: 5 foot Arm, Rolling base, Counter Weights, 100mm ball camera mount, & 19" HD Monitor (SDI or HDMI)

We have a HUGE Inventory of support gear available...

- O'Connor 2575 Mitchell
- Sachtler Cine 30 Fluid Head w/2 stage Carbon Fiber Sticks
- Sachtler V25 + Fluid Head w/2 stage Carbon Fiber Sticks
- Sachtler V20 Fluid Head w/2 stage Carbon Fiber Sticks
- Cartoni Focus Fluid Head w/ 2 stage sticks
- Hi-Hats (150mm, 100mm, Mitchell)
- Mitchell Sticks (standards and 2 stage)
- Mitchell Baby Legs
- 150mm Carbon Fiber Sticks
- 100mm Carbon Fiber Sticks
- Cine-Saddle Marsupial

- Cineped 42" Slider w/ Quattro base
- Matthews Doorway Dolly
- Dana Dolly PKG
- HandHeld Rig's
- Car rig / Hood Mount Package

- ARRI MB-20 3-Stage Swing away studio Matte box
- Bright Tangerine ViV-5 3 Stage Swing Away Studio Matte box
- Bright Tangerine "Misfit" 3 stage Clip On matte box
- O'Connor 2-Stage Clip on Matte Box

- MOVCam 3-channel Wireless FIZ Units
- MOVCam Single channel Wireless FIZ Units
- ARRI FF-5 Dual-Sided Follow Focus
- Chrosziel Dual-Sided Follow Focus
- Preston Micro Force Rear Zoom Control
- Heden Zoom Motor (cine lens)
- Canon Studio Rear Zoom Control
- Canon Studio Rear Focus Control

- Anton Bauer VCLX Block Batteries
- Anton Bauer Cine 150 Batteries
- Anton Bauer Digi 150 Batteries
- Anton Bauer Hytron / Dionic Camera Batteries
- Anton Bauer (Tandem, Dual, and Quad) Chargers
- Anton Bauer 15mm LWS Gold Mount kit
- Anton Bauer Tandem AC/DC gold mount
- Anton Bauer AC to 4Pin-DC power adapter
- NP-L7S Batteries and Dual Battery Charger

- Decimator MD-Quad
- Decimator DMON-12S Multiviewer
- Decimator MD-Ducc HDSDI Signal Converter
- AJA HD10MD3 HDSDI Signal Converter
- Denecke TC sync Boxes

- 512gb Express P2 Cards
- 256gb Express P2 Cards
- 256gb CFast 2.0 Cards
- 128gb CFast 2.0 Cards
- 128gb Sony SxS Pro+ Cards
- 128gb Sony XQD Cards
- 64gb Sony XQD Cards
- 64gb Panasonic P2 Cards
- 32gb Sandisk High Speed CF Cards
- 128gb and 32gb High Speed SD Cards
- Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Readers
- Belkin Thunderbolt Express Docks
- Kingston 5 in 1 USB Readers
- Sony SxS Readers
- Panasonic Express P2 Readers
- Sonnet Echo Pro SxS Thunderbolt Readers