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About Us

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GQC Entertainment was established in 2003 with the promise of "Quality you can count on." Today we have established a reputation for hard work, creativity, innovation, and dedication that leads to a quality product for every show we do.


GQC always provides nothing less than the most highly skilled and creative crew members who are focused upon three goals;

1: Forming a creative, cutting edge, quality product.

2: Working tirelessly to make every production the best it can be. 

3: Having fun in the process. Because a job is only worth doing if you can enjoy doing it.

Steve garrett

Owner / CEO
Cinematographer / Lighting designer / Producer

Steve Garrett began his career studying television and film at Washington State University, where he received 2 - B.A.'s. In both "Broadcast Journalism" and "Television Production". While enrolled, Steve was active in the television world working on, and eventually directing episodic television shows, local newscasts, & working both on & off stage for various traveling musical theater companies throughout the state of Washington.

After moving to Hollywood, Steve has developed a diverse successful career. Quickly finding success as a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Lighting Designer, and Engineer. Today Steve has worked on over 100 television shows, 50+ TV commercials, and several live events, including some of the biggest e-sports competition shows to date. 

With now more than 20 years experience in TV / Film. Steve's primary specialties focus on Commercials, Scripted Comedy, Sketch Comedy, VFX. And has become an innovator in the world of E-Sports, and Super-35mm "CINE-LIVE" multi-cam events.


Steve's eye for details, study of technology, and problem-solving; combined with a friendly can-do attitude, has earned him an excellent reputation throughout the entire entertainment industry.


Meet The Team

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