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Bright Tangerine Misfit Matte Box features the core frame, carbon fiber shade, and a two-stage/three-stage adjustable filter stage assembly. Ultra compact and lightweight, this 4 x 5.65" matte box can go from accepting two filters to accepting three filters in a few seconds, without adding a third stage.

It is compatible with Bright tangerine's 114 and 143mm lens-clamp rings, and it will cover lenses as wide as a 14mm Cooke S4 and RED Pro Zoom at 5K. The Misfit also supports an optional rod-mount swing-away bracket and arm assembly for more efficient lens swaps. It includes a Carbon Fibre Top Flag. Clip On with Rings and 15mm LWS Rod Mount available upon resquest. 

Bright Tangerine Misfit

    • Filter Trays - 4x4", 4x5.65", 4x5.65 Rota Tray
    • Clamp Diameter - 114mm or 143mm
    • Filter Stages - Three
    • Dimensions - 240 x 175 x 58mm
    • Weight - 13.7oz
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