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The Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head is compatible with 100mm bowl base tripods, and supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs. Featuring a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a patented variable counterbalance, the unit can be used with all existing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras. The lightweight (4.4 lbs) tripod head is easy to carry.


The Focus HD head comes with a quick-release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level, and orientating pan bar, and provides a 360° pan and ± 90° tilt range.

Cartoni Focus HD

    • Supports Cameras up to 26 lbs
    • Suitable for 100mm Bowl Base Tripods
    • Variable Fluid Damping System
    • 2-Stage Tripod
    • Patented Variable Counterbalance
    • Quick-release Sliding Camera Plate
    • Orientating Pan Bar
    • Illuminated Spirit Level
    • Pan Range - 360°
    • Tilt Range - ± 90°
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