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Lightweight, robust, and ready for production, Chrosziel's MB 450R2 Swing-Away Matte Box can complement a wide range of cameras, from smaller camcorders or mirrorless cameras, up to larger cinema cameras and ENG camcorders with an outer lens diameter of up to 114mm (lenses with a diameter smaller than 110mm may require additional accessories for full compatibility). With the included top flag and 16:9 mask, glare from outside the frame can be effectively controlled for improved contrast and reduced ghosting in the recorded image. Further control can be achieved through separately available side and bottom flags.


Insert your favorite filters into the available stages for further creative control. The rear stage accepts 4x4" filters only, while the front stage will accept 4x4 as well as larger 4x5.65" filters. Both stages rotate, enabling the use and control of polarizing as well as graduated filters.


The installed swing-away bracket is preferred for workflows that require frequent lens changes as the matte box can be swung away from the lens without being removed from the rods.

Chrosziel 2-Stage Swing Away

    • Mounts to 15mm LWS Rods
    • Fits Lenses up to 114mm Outer Diameter
    • 2 Rotating Filter Stages
    • Includes a 4x4" Tray and a 4x5.65" Tray
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