The Chrosziel StudioRig Cine is a professional dual-sided follow focus for precise focus actuation on high-end cinema lenses. As a dual-sided follow focus, with a separately available second handwheel, this StudioRig Cine can be used to actuate focus from either side of the lens. The rod clamp secures to 15mm rods that are spaced in accordance with the 15mm LWS standard.


Once the follow focus is clamped down on the rods, swing the arm to engage the drive gear to the lens. Drive gears are available separately from the StudioRig unit. A white dry-erase marking disk and focus crank are included with the follow focus.

Chrosziel Follow Focus

    • For Professional Cinema Rigs
    • Large Knurled Metal Hand Wheel
    • Adjustable Swing-Arm Drive
    • 15mm LWS Rod Clamp