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GQC Entertainment was established in 2002 with the promise of "Quality you can count on." Today we have established a reputation of hard work and dedication that leads to a quality product for every show we do. GQC Rentals provides only high quality cameras & studio equipment, always thoroughly inspected and tested to assure your production runs smoothly. On set; we always provide highly skilled and creative crew members who are focused upon two goals; Forming a creative, quality product and working hard, but having fun in the process. Because a job is only worth doing if you can enjoy it.

Steve Garrett
Owner / CEO
Cinematographer / D.P.
Steve Garrett began his career studying television and film at Washington State University, where he received B.A.'s in both "Broadcast Journalism" and "Television Production". While enrolled, Steve was active in the television world working on, and eventually directing episodic television shows, local newscasts, & working both on & off stage for various traveling musical theater companies throughout the state of Washington.

After moving to Hollywood, Steve quickly found his place in the entertainment industry as a Cinematographer and has never looked back. Today Steve has worked on over 100 television shows, 50+ TV commercials, several features & short films. Steve's primary specialties focus on Commercials, Scripted Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Green Screen/Blue Screen VFX work, and Lighting Design for live multi-cam events.

Steve is an active member of the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE-Local 600. Steve's eye for details, lighting, & composition combined with a friendly can-do attitude has earned him an excellent reputation throughout the entertainment industry.
Samantha Stander
Production Manager
Samantha Stander is a California native who has alternated her time between both radio producing & television / film production. She spent many early mornings producing on the airwaves at K-Earth 101, and 94.7 the WAVE as well as some late nights producing at 102.7 KIIS FM.

Samantha garnered her production chops at a Los Angeles based Camera House spending 7 years as a production coordinator and finding out what it really takes to bring a flawless shoot together! Samantha assisted clients in determining the technical camera rental & crewing needs of each field shoot. Always inspired by true teamwork; Samantha loves being involved in the day to day operations and the juggling of logistics to ensure happy clients and successful crew members. Always willing to go the extra mile, she looks forward to working with you and ensuring your success on set and in the field.
Marty Meyer
Sales / Marketing Manager
Marty began her professional career managing broadcast technical operations for network television then served as director of engineering for Wexler Video servicing shows such as The Bachelor and Amazing Race. She moved into development and marketing roles at several LA based rental companies and produced workshops for Panasonic, Canon, RED and the ICG to help educate their communities in new technology. She received her BA from San Diego State University in TV/Film, English, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and studied broadcast engineering at KCSM in northern California. She holds an FCC General Telephone License and an Emmy for sports. She chairs the Hollywood section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Marty is a technical AND creative minded go-getter who loves to think outside the box, to make sure you will always get the best bang for your buck, and goes the extra mile to assure every job flows smooth every time from beginning to end and every step along the way.
Ryan Slominski
Floor Manager - Sr. Camera Technician
Phil Doherty
Camera & Lens Technician
Certified camera nerd, Phil Doherty, is a full time prep expert at GQC. After receiving a BFA in Cinematography in 2013, Phil has ran the gamut of camera department positions in prep, production and post. His background of reaching over departmental aisles has given Phil a knack for on-set problem solving and preparedness. Since becoming an L.A. resident in 2016, Phil has tempered his skills on set as an AC and here at GQC’s own prep floor.
Christian Villarreal
Camera Prep Technician
Dale Pilus
Camera & Lens Technician
In 2011, after graduating from California State University Northridge with a degree in Television Production and Cinematography, Dale joined the GQC team as a full-time Prep Tech. In 2013, he joined the IATSE Local 600 as a camera assistant and spends his time working freelance as a focus puller when he's not busy prepping a package at GQC. He has spent the last 5 years working on a wide gamut of productions that has allowed him to provide technical support on just about every camera and lens package in professional use to date. It is this knowledge that when coupled with Dale’s detail-oriented work ethic and ‘old-school’ values that continue to make him a valuable asset for both the entertainment industry as well as GQC Rentals.

Daryl Nathan
IT Specialist
Every company needs a genius to keep their technology functioning. GQC is blessed to have that genius. Daryl comes to us from a long history of satisfied clients and is currently taking care of all of our in house computer needs

Daryl Nathan
Computer Consulting and Repairs
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