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The Lilliput BM230-12G is a 23.8" 4K resolution monitor with HDMI and SDI connectivity at 12G connectivity speeds. Designed for the professional video and film industry and is ideally suited for directors and camera operators operating 4K capable equipment. The BM230-12G has two SDI input standards - ST425-3, which uses the 4x SDI inputs to carry 1/4 of the overall screen image and ST425-5 which allows you to knit together the 4 SDI inputs and interleave them over each other. Both of these allow for a full 4K image over the 4x 3G SDI connections.

Lilliput 24" 4K - 12G Directors Monitor

  • BM230-12G

    23.8" 12G-SDI 4K Broadcast Director Monitor with 12G-SDI, 4K HDMI inputs

    4K (3840*2160) Ultra-HD native resolution, 
    12G-SDI Single - Link , Dual - Link , Quad - Link
    23.8" perfect size for both suitcase & rackmount,
    High contrast: 1000:1, 
    330cd/m² brightness,
    178° Ultra high viewing angle,
    Rich interfaces: 12G-SDI, 4K HDMI input,
    Metal housing,
    Wide voltage: DC12-24

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