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This EZ-1 30-90mm S35 Cinema Zoom is a PL-mount Angenieux EZ-1 30 to 90mm S35 Cinema Zoom lens, the removable MSU-1A Cine Servo zoom control, and a lens hood with cap. The MSU-1A Universal Cine Servo is an ENG-style zoom control featuring a zoom rocker, return function, and a run/stop button.


Angenieux's EZ-1 30-90mm S35 Cinema Lens with PL Mount is a fast zoom for 3-perf Super 35mm sized sensors. It features a T2.0 aperture and focuses down to 2' in front of the image plane while weighing in at only 4.7 pounds. The 114mm front diameter of the lens is a common diameter compatible with cinema-style matte boxes. The lens features independent focus, iris, and zoom control rings with cinema standard gear teeth.

Angenieux EZ1 S35 30-90mm Zoom

  • PL, T2

    Minimum Focus = 2'
    Zoom Ratio = 3x
    Image Circle = 30mm
    Length = 226mm
    Weight = 2.15 kg
    Front Diameter = 114mm

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