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This durable lens is designed for use with PL-mount cameras featuring large-format, Super 35-sized sensors with 4K optical performance. Measuring approximately 11" long and weighing only 6.7 lb, the compact, lightweight lens is suitable for a variety of productions such as narrative to EFP/ENG or run-and-gun documentary.


The lens covers an extensive 25 to 250mm focal range while featuring a T2.95 to T3.95 aperture from wide to telephoto. Using a 1.5x extender with 10x optical zoom, the telephoto range extends to an impressive 375mm. Like the rest of its cine lens family, the zoom lens creates a soft, pleasing bokeh using an 11-blade iris and a clickless iris ring. The focus ring rotates 180° with smooth operation. An LCD screen on the lens allows you to adjust user settings and functions such as zoom speed and locking, easily configured using the integrated drive switch. This PL mount model also supports Cooke /i technology, which passes metadata to your camera.


Canon has equipped the zoom lens with a servo drive unit compatible with industry-standard lens controllers, such as the broadcast ZSD-300D or FPD-400D, for full zoom, focus, and iris control. The servo drive is removable if you are shooting in a cinema style, and it can also be integrated into studio systems with its 16-bit metadata output.

Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95

    • Covers Super 35 Large-Format Cameras
    • PL Mount, 4K Optical Performance
    • T2.95 to T3.95 Aperture, 25-250mm Zoom
    • Cooke /i Technology Support
    • LCD for User Functions and Settings
    • 11-Blade Iris, 16-Bit Metadata Output
    • 10x Zoom, 180° Focus Ring Rotation
    • Compatible with Servo Lens Controllers
    • Durable Design, Lightweight at 6.7 lb
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