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The Comtek BST-25 is an advanced and versatile IFB, cueing, and monitoring transmitter for broadcast, film, and live applications.


The rack-mountable unit features 119 user-selectable channels operating in the 76.2-87.8 MHz range to minimize interference. It has a switchable mic/line level XLR input with 60 dB of control range. A bright LED display shows frequency, channel, VU meter, and special functions.


The BST-25 offers superb speech intelligibility and high-fidelity audio thanks to a switchable EQ circuit. The audio processing system can operate companded or non-companded to work with a wider variety of receivers.

Comtek BST-25 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter

    • Rackmount Design
    • 119 User-Selectable Channels
    • Mic/Line XLR Input
    • Switchable EQ
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