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Slimmer than its predecessor, the XPL90, the Core SWX Nano Gold Mount Battery is lightweight, reliable, and powerful. While the form-factor may be small, the Nano-series batteries can support up to 8-amp draws at 14.8V. The slim enclosure is great for gimbal balancing, as the camera it's mounted to can use the extra space for fore/aft movement.


Accessories can be connected to both the USB and D-tap power outputs, allowing the Nano-series batteries to act as a power hub for your entire rig, not just your camera. With the 98Wh capacity, a 25-watt load can be sustained for approximately 3.5 hours.

Core SWX NANO 98

    • 98Wh Lithium-Ion Gold Mount Battery
    • Supports up to 8A Continuous Draw
    • 4-LED Power Gauge
    • D-Tap and USB Accessory Outputs
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