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The 4K scaling engine can be driven by either the SDI or HDMI input, supports horizontal and/or vertical flipping, and can be locked to either the SDI, HDMI, or Genlock input. The 12G-CROSS is a small low power portable converter encased in a solid robust aluminum case and does not contain a noisy fan. An easy-to-use LCD screen and button control system are incorporated for easy access to the converter's outstanding features without using complicated LED/button controls, dip switches, or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting. The 12G-CROSS is built to be used in almost any environment.

Decimator 12G-CROSS 4K HDMI/SDI Cross Converter

    • Small, low power portable converter
    • Solid robust aluminum case
    • 4K scaling engine can be driven by either SDI or HDMI input
    • Supports 294 VESA formats via HDMI input
    • 4K scaling engine can scale and/or frame rate convert between 351 input formats and 57 output formats
    • Audio pairs in the SDI and HDMI outputs can be rearranged as required
    • 4x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI outputs, that allow it to be used as a 1 to 4 distribution amplifier
    • LCD screen and button control system
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