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The Lectrosonics UM400 is a UHF body-pack transmitter. The transmitter features 256 user selectable UHF frequencies and digital hybrid signal transmission for optimum range while minimizing noise. Incoming audio signal is digitized at 24-bit resolution, eliminating the noise and artifacts associated with analog compandors. The result is greater range with minimal noise. A TA5-male input is compatible with any microphone or cable featuring a TA5 connection. The input level is variable, allowing use with low impedance mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level devices. The receiver features a comprehensive LCD and low cut filter. A full 100mW output power is achieved on a single 9V battery.

Lectroconic UM400 Wireless Lavalier Transmitter

    • Frequency Block 26
    • Approx Working Range 300' - 1,000'
    • Overall Frequency Response 30Hz to 20kHz
    • # of Channels 256 frequencies in 100kHz steps per 26MHz wide block
    • Battery Approx Life 5hrs (alkaline), 10hrs (lithium)
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