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The UCR100 UHF Portable Receiver from Lectrosonics is a compact wireless microphone receiver designed for easy, convenient operation with smaller DV camcorders. When paired with a transmitter and microphone, the UCR100 offers 256 selectable frequencies over a 25.6 MHz band to avoid interference from local RF sources. Matching transmitters provide a full 100mW of output power, resulting in a clean reception without virtually any dropouts.


In addition to the convenient compact size of the receiver, an easy access audio output adjustment knob is on the front panel. The UCR100 output operates nominally at 0 dBv (line level), but use with microphone inputs on camcorders can be achieved with an optional adapter cable. Frequency selection is achieved via recessed rotary switches located on the side panel. The UCR100 is 9V battery powered and enclosed in a lightweight, durable, machined aluminum housing.

Lectrosonic UCR100 Receiver

    • Suitable for Compact DV Camcorders
    • 256 Selectable UHF Frequencies
    • High Sensitivity for Extended Range
    • Dual-Band Compandor
    • Rugged, Tempered Alloy Antenna
    • 9V Battery Powered
    • Machined Aluminum Construction
    • Electrostatic Powder-Coated Finish
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