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Invisity by Phonak is the smallest in-ear RF receiver in the world.

Comfortable to wear and offering excellent sound quality, this miniaturized listen only earpiece is perfectly suited to situations in which clearly received messages are vital and discretion and freedom of movement a necessity.


Invisity is unique in the market and a popular ear prompter in the security arena (interviews/interrogations) and the broadcast world (performances/productions/speeches)

Phonak Invisity Earbud

    • Frequency: fixed or programmable (single or multi), 7MHz band
    • Frequency response: 200 Hz – 4500 Hz
    • Audio signal output: 94 dBSPL measured in a 1.3 cc ear simulator (Volume 1 default setting), 102 dBSPL measured in a 1.3 cc ear simulator (Volume 2 default setting),or adjustable on 4-channel model
    • Noise filter: squelch
    • Sensitivity: SINAD >17 dB @ E=3mV/m
    • Channel selectivity: >50 dB (at 200 kHz channel spacing)
    • Antenna: magnetic, integral
    • Spurious emissions: below -57 dBm ERP
    • Distortion: >5% (depends on volume setting)
    • Battery life: 13 h (constant reception) using Phonak battery
    • Power consumption: 3.3 mA
    • SNR (signal over noise ratio): approx. 41dB in the AGC @ 1 kHz
    • SIZE: 0.74″ x 0.47″ x 0.47″ (19 x 12 x 12mm)
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