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The PSC AlphaMix is a four channel portable field mixer designed for ENG/EFP use, featuring accommodations suitable for the most demanding applications. The PSC AlphaMix is equipped with 4 balanced XLR inputs that are capable of both mic and line level operation. Each input features 12T and 48V Phantom power, low noise pre-amplifiers with continuously variable gain trims, 3-stage LED peak meters and active 12dB / Octave low cut filters. For every input channel their is a dedicated balanced line-level output with pre fader listen.


The AlphaMix is powered with a standard NP-1 battery and is equipped with low battery monitoring. The mixer features 4 standard Hirose TM 4 pin power output connectors, intended for powering up to 4 wireless receivers. Each power output is individually filtered resulting in clean, low-noise operation. In addition to all these convenient features the AlphaMix is capable of feeding and monitoring two cameras simultaneously, without any need for additional snakes and breakout connections. The mixer includes a convenient boom-pole remote for easily accessible remote control of gain and other functions.

PSC AlphaMix 4-Channel Mixer

    • 4-balanced XLR inputs
    • Balanced output with PFL monitoring
    • 12T and 48V Phantom power
    • 4 Hirose style power connectors
    • Input channels features an active 12dB/octave low cut filter
    • Capable of sending and receiving signals to 2 cameras simultaneously
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