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The Tram TR50 is a miniature omnidirectional lavalier microphone designed to deliver clear speech and dialog with a natural sound that mixes well with boom microphones, making it popular among professional sound recordists working in TV, film, broadcast, videography, and more.


The mic's omnidirectional polar pattern provides a generous 360° pickup response that helps to keep levels consistent, even if the talent turns and isn't speaking directly in the direction of the capsule. The flat, upward facing design allows the mic to be easily concealed while also helping it to resist clothing and rustling noises.

Tram TR50 Omni Lavalier Microphone

    • For Film/Video, Broadcast & Presentation
    • Omnidirectional for Consistent Levels
    • For Sennheiser Transmitters with 3.5mm
    • Headroom for Strong Vocals / 134 dB SPL
    • Easy to Conceal, Resists Clothing Noise
    • Mixes Well with Boom Mics for TV & Film
    • Positive Bias
    • Requires 1.5 VDC
    • Includes Windscreen, Mounts, and Clips
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