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S35 Cine-Live Flypack

“Cine-Live” has emerged as the new most popular way to cover live events, to give events the most beautiful artistic coverage as possible utilizing Super 35mm Digital Cinema cameras and lenses.  GQC is on the forefront of this new medium, now offering a battle tested 4K Mobile flypack, tailor made to shoot and record a live line cut and ISO’s In 1080p, as well as ISO record all cameras simultaneously in 4K,  for multiple options for final deliverables.  Most importantly, giving your event a polished cinematic look, previously unattainable with traditional broadcast cameras.       
Control Room Layout.jpg


As a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic,  GQC has taken the precautions to offer a socially distanced, control room layouts,  with Plexiglass dividers to protect the crew in your control room.   GQC will constantly continue to make efforts to keep our clients healthy and safe,  no matter how big or small your production may be.   

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